Coronavirus (Covid-19) Vaccination

90 percent of the employees at Myanmar I-Tex Garment Co., Ltd. have had covid-19 vaccination under the plan of the Ministry of Health! The vaccinations were provided at the factory premise upon the request made by the factory management for the convenience of its employees.

During the first batch, half the employees had their first doses of Covid-19 vaccine on 31 August, 2021, and then had their second doses on 27 September, 2021. With employees’ consent, the factory management made a second request to the Ministry in regards for vaccination of the remaining employees. Then the first doses of the second batch were given at the factory to the remaining 600 employees on 18 December 2021. Completing the second doses of the second batch, 90 percent of the total employees will have been vaccinated in January 2022, which the factory believes is a good indicator of its health and safety management.


Our mission is to achieve the highest level of customers’ satisfaction through timely deliveries of our enhanced quality products.


We see ourselves fulfilling our customers’ requirements and view our business as a means to the wellbeing of our employees and the society.

Quality Control

Being a quality-driven garment manufacturer, the facility emphasizes on achieving customers' satisfaction by providing quality products along with compliance with all relevant legislations and requirements. Achievement of our goal is assured by having established the fundamental principles and systems, such as, quality control system, traceability system, separate size systems, sharp object control system, machinery maintenance, pest control and other customized requirements.

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