Cutting, the first operation and extremely important role of the production process, is operated in a well functional area between the warehouse and sewing sections, set-up with modernized machineries and equipment, such as, computerized cutting machines, fabric spreading machines, round knife machines, band knife machines, straight knife machines, markers, etc. Marker making is done by computerized CAD system which gives more accuracy and efficiency.

There are thirteen cutting tables available, and the department is organized with experienced technicians from China who supervise cutting process ensuring accuracy and efficiency, while Quality Assurance team ensure each stage of the cutting process meets the requirements. The cut pieces are inspected as per requirements and each bundle is attached with specifications of buyer, style number, size, color, PO number along with traceability cards.

After cutting and bundling, the cut pieces of fabric, as required, are transferred to label press section where heat press machines are sufficiently installed and operated by trained workers. The facility ensures the accuracy of the machines and equipment used in cutting or label press process by maintaining regular inspection and testing monitored by Quality Assurance team.