Pressing, the first step of finishing process, is done as per requirement depending on fabric types for the removal of creases and wrinkles on the sewn garments. The facility has over 100 vacuum ironing tables with steam generated by an environmental steam boiler. Second inspection, after pressing, is done at 100% by the Quality Assurance team who strictly follow the quality standard and practice full authority to reject or approve the  garments before delivering to packing section.


Packing, the final production process of the facility, is done in a well designated area, set up with systematic working procedures as per separate size system, traceability system and metal control requirement. The process at packing department starts with folding followed by tagging and packing into poly bags as per requirement. Then, the finished and qualified products are passed through conveyor belt type needle detectors, and are packed into boxes in the metal free zone of packing section.

Access to packing section and finished goods store is restricted to authorized personnel only, and security measures have been taken by designating a security check point at the entrance to the store and by CCTV monitoring at all times. Employee background check is also periodically conducted on those who are assigned in or have access to finished goods store to safeguard customers’ properties. The facility adheres to observing all relevant shipping and custom related laws, rules and regulations, and also ensures the security of containers and conveyances following C-TPAT guidelines.