Raw Material Warehouse

The space of 3021 square meter is dedicated for sufficient storage of fabric material and it is organized with a well set-up standard operation procedure for its maximum operational efficiency. In handling the warehouse, the facility uses forklift trucks and other material handling equipment which can reduce the workload on employees but maximize efficiency and productivity.

Before unloading of shipments, container inspection is carried out as per requirements to prevent tampering of the goods and ensure the integrity of the conveyances. The imported materials are checked against packing lists and other relevant shipping documents. Before production, fabric received go through several stages of inspection; 4 point inspection system and in-house LAB testing for GSM, color, shrinkage, abrasion resistance, etc.

There is a separate and well-organized store where trims-accessories are inspected, stored and distributed from. Accessories are inspected as per AQL 2.5% system and organized with identification cards and as per category, customer, style, PO#, color, etc. The standard operating procedures (SOPs) and working instructions have been established and well communicated to all relevant employees for each stage of the warehouse management which includes 5S and First In First Out system.

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