Environmental Monitoring Report (Summary)

With dedication and implementation according to the instructions and requirements of the Environmental Conservation Department, Myanmar I-Tex Garment Co., Ltd. recently obtained the approval of the government on its Environmental Management Plan (EMP), and the factory has now submitted to the government its first Environmental Monitoring Report (EMR) made for the past six months of the year 2022, in which the following environmental aspects are covered.

  • Monitoring in day to day operation or activities which may relate to any potential environmental adverse effect.
  • The environmental monitoring test report for air quality and noise were conducted by external party and the results are within the limit of the legal requirements.
  • Maintaining housekeeping and disposing wastes according to their types, hazardous and non-hazardous.
  • Machinery and safety inspection and maintenance by internal M&E and external parties on a regular basis.
  • Providing required PPE, annual medical examination and necessary health, safety and environmental trainings to all relevant employees/workers.
  • Providing annual first aid trainings to selected workers by external authorized parties and conducting fire drill every six months in cooperation with the local Fire Service Department.
  • Providing annual medical checkup for workers, in cooperation with Social Security Board.
  • Covid-19 prevention and vaccination done under government plan and 95 percent of the employees have been fully vaccinated.
  • Donation to neighboring society in needs and also maintaining employer employee relation through constructive grievance channels.
  • A suggestion box available for the society or stakeholders to communicate and/or raise their concern in relation to environment.
  • Documenting environmental related activities including housekeeping, waste management, chemical handling, health and safety, workplace temperature, humidity and ventilation, electricity and water consumption, environmental trainings, etc.


Our mission is to achieve the highest level of customers’ satisfaction through timely deliveries of our enhanced quality products.


We see ourselves fulfilling our customers’ requirements and view our business as a means to the wellbeing of our employees and the society.

Quality Control

Being a quality-driven garment manufacturer, the facility emphasizes on achieving customers' satisfaction by providing quality products along with compliance with all relevant legislations and requirements. Achievement of our goal is assured by having established the fundamental principles and systems, such as, quality control system, traceability system, separate size systems, sharp object control system, machinery maintenance, pest control and other customized requirements.

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