Environmental Monitoring Report (Summary)

With dedication and implementation according to the instructions and requirements of the Environmental Conservation Department, Myanmar I-Tex Garment Co., Ltd. recently obtained the approval of the government on its Environmental Management Plan (EMP), and the factory has now submitted to the government its first Environmental Monitoring Report (EMR) made for the past six months of… Continue reading Environmental Monitoring Report (Summary)

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Pressing, the first step of finishing process, is done as per requirement depending on fabric types for the removal of creases and wrinkles on the sewn garments. The facility has over 100 vacuum ironing tables with steam generated by an environmental steam boiler. Second inspection, after pressing, is done at 100% by the Quality Assurance… Continue reading Pressing

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Packing, the final production process of the facility, is done in a well designated area, set up with systematic working procedures as per separate size system, traceability system and metal control requirement. The process at packing department starts with folding followed by tagging and packing into poly bags as per requirement. Then, the finished and… Continue reading Packing

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Raw Material Warehouse

The space of 3021 square meter is dedicated for sufficient storage of fabric material and it is organized with a well set-up standard operation procedure for its maximum operational efficiency. In handling the warehouse, the facility uses forklift trucks and other material handling equipment which can reduce the workload on employees but maximize efficiency and… Continue reading Raw Material Warehouse


There are 70 sewing lines available in total consisting of 28 sewing machines in each. The approximate capacity per line per day is 1500 to 2500 pieces depending on product types. The facility makes sure product quality is consistently achieved and meet the expectation of customers by implementing every necessary resources which include using the… Continue reading Sewing

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Cutting, the first operation and extremely important role of the production process, is operated in a well functional area between the warehouse and sewing sections, set-up with modernized machineries and equipment, such as, computerized cutting machines, fabric spreading machines, round knife machines, band knife machines, straight knife machines, markers, etc. Marker making is done by… Continue reading Cutting

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Being a quality-driven garment manufacturer, the facility emphasizes on achieving customers’ satisfaction by providing quality products along with compliance with all relevant legislations and requirements. The facility ensures achievement of its quality objectives by having established the fundamental principles and systems, such as, quality control system, traceability system, separate size systems, sharp object control system,… Continue reading QUALITY CONTROL

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