There are 70 sewing lines available in total consisting of 28 sewing machines in each. The approximate capacity per line per day is 1500 to 2500 pieces depending on product types. The facility makes sure product quality is consistently achieved and meet the expectation of customers by implementing every necessary resources which include using the right sewing machines, skilled labors, separate size system, pre and post quality checks, machinery maintenance, etc. The sewing section is designed to be an efficient layout that creates better flow of materials and work-in process from start till completion.

Sewing process is efficiently operated following quality management system, traceability system and separate size system. More importantly, needle management and sharps control has been established in place and strictly practiced as a fundamental requirement. Moreover, the facility pays close attention to and maintains housekeeping standards, pest control, and other customized requirements. The finished garments are then transferred in turnover carts with colored size frames from sewing to pressing section.